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Why WebSharper?


Thanks to strong typing, even on the client side.

More productive

Thanks to type inference, seamless client/server communication and powerful abstractions.

More maintainable

No more language interoperation hell, everything is written in F#.

More interoperable

Easily integrate with JavaScript libraries and take advantage of type safety and code completion with them.

More readable

Declare user interfaces, how they interact and how they appear with Formlets and Piglets.

More compatible

Develop on Windows, Linux or Mac and deploy to IIS, Apache, Nginx, Azure, AppHarbor...

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Featured Community Apps

Here we collected an assortment of recent WebSharper applications from various community members. Please understand that live site links might go bad if their authors take them offline, but even then their project sources might serve as an inspiration to others.


FractalDraw Sources Live site

WebSharper demos

WebSharper demos Sources Live site

Mobile Insurance Claims

Mobile Insurance Claims Sources Live site

MobiDevDay Sample App

MobiDevDay Sources Live site

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