After installing the WebSharper.vsix to Visual Studio 2015 I no longer have F# templates and didn't get any WebSharper items.

Re-running the WebSharper.vsix doesn't even offer VS 2015 as a choice (it shows my other isntall of VS 2017 which isn't compatible).

How to get templates back and get WebSharper templates?

Can I also use WebSharper with 2017 even if the WebSharper.vsix isn't compatible?

  • HerbM

    stillno updater or info?

    The VSIX still says it is not compatible with 2017

    Please advise...

  • JankoA

    Hello, there is a new installer for WebSharper 4 beta you can download here.
    Contains both C#+F# templates, compatible with Visual Studio 2015/2017. Using F# 4.0 now, but 4.1 support is coming soon.