Why WebSharper?

New C# support

C# is now supported for the client-side, translates to JavaScript that is fully interoperable with libraries written in F#.

Code servide

Analyzer included for C# for immediate feedback on WebSharper-specific errors and warnings.


Code generator included for creating DOM elements from html snippets by type-safe code.


Thanks to strong typing, even on the client side.


Thanks to type inference, seamless client/server communication and powerful abstractions.


Everything can be written in C#, F# or a mix of both languages with typed interfaces for JavaScript.


Easily integrate with JavaScript libraries and take advantage of type safety and code completion with them.


Declare user interfaces, how they interact and how they appear with Formlets and Piglets.

Truly cross-platform

Develop on Windows, Linux or Mac and deploy to IIS, Apache, Nginx, Azure, AppHarbor...