With a commercial license, you get:

Closed source apps

Each developer working with WebSharper code or WebSharper extensions on your closed source project needs a Company developer license. If you are an individual developer, you may get a Freelancer license instead.

Private extensions

You get access to dozens of extensions for various JavaScript libraries, including the AppHarbor REST API, CodeMirror, Formlets for jQuery Mobile and jQuery UI, IIOEngine, Infovis, Google Maps MarkerClusterer, OAuth, Protovis, Raphael, Slickgrid, TinyMCE, Twitter API, and others.

Premium extensions and tools

Jumpstart your productivity with our power extensions (separate licensing may be required, see the individual extensions for more details), and power tools such as our F# type provider for Sencha Architect projects, enabling you to create WYSIWYG UIs and type-safe application logic in F#.

OSS Mobile Freelancer Start-up Business
Cost per developer (USD)



Billed monthly


Billed monthly



Prices are per year
Licensed use Individual Individual Individual Company Company
Closed source apps See licensing
Available components
Binaries on NuGet
Visual Studio templates
Core extensions jQuery, DOM, HTML5, EcmaScript, WebGL
Public extensions See the list here
Private extensions mobile
Premium extensions mobile
Experimental tools
Public support forums Forums on FPish
Email support
Guaranteed SLA
Extensions support Requires 5+ licenses
OSS Mobile Freelancer Start-up Business
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Join the WebSharper Insider Program

Please review your purchase below before continuing. Insider Program subscriptions are available on a per-developer basis. Each WebSharper developer working with subscription content needs to have a valid subscription to access updates. All sales are final.