See this snippet: http://try.websharper.com/snippet/0000DZ

The snippet works as expected in WS 3, but fails in WS4 - transitions are not animated. I've also attached a repro VS 2015 project

The transition animation(s) stop working as soon as the list of attributes contains more than one attribute. For example (see snippet/repro), the following attribute combinations result in the bug: - Attr.Class + Attr.AnimatedStyle - Attr.AnimatedStyle + Attr.AnimatedStyle

Tested on Zafir. + Zafir.FSharp. + Zafir.UI.Next.

  • ca-ta

    Hi guys,

    I was just wondering if you were able to repro this or whether you need more information. I would be great if you could give some indication as to when/whether you plan to address this. Would help with planning :-)

  • loic.denuziere

    Yes, I can reproduce this issue both on try.websharper and in a local project. I'm investigating it now, hoping that it's a quick fix but I'll notify you if it's a larger item.

  • loic.denuziere

    @cata This is now fixed on master, will be available with the next NuGet release.