1. Some examples do not work: http://websharper.com/samples/Formlet has no submit button, and http://websharper.com/samples/Flowlet just renders a form for a name. Does not respond to enter. Tested in latest Chrome/Firefox on Win8.

    CloudSharper just renders white page when I deploy these two examples locally.

  2. Some examples are outdated. http://websharper.com/samples/Canvas uses WebSharper.Html.Client which is WebSharper.UI.Next.Client. I found it in a blog post about reactivity, not in any kind of a function reference. Does a reference for namespaces/modules/functions exist? A lot of your functions have annotations, so it is probably possible to extract one automatically.

  3. What is the current recommended way to learn WebSharper? I'm particularly interested in formlets. Are there working examples?

  • adam.granicz

    Hi Egor, thanks for the reports. I have filed #52 and #53 in the website's tracker, please use that for any other issue you may find.

    The Canvas example does not use UI.Next, it uses the older WebSharper.Html syntax (which you can access from the WebSharper.Html NuGet package), so it's as intended.

    There is no module/API-level reference at this time, we used to have an API coverage checker online, but that tool needs more work before it can be published again.

    The best way of learning WebSharper is to read the main README in the master repo and the documentation on the WebSharper site. Formlets have largely been superseeded by piglets.