Using WebSharper

  1. I create the project with <WebSharperProject>Bundle</WebSharperProject>
  2. Declare post build event e.g. <PostBuildEvent>dir "../Content"</PostBuildEvent>
  3. I expect to see xxxxx.head.js, xxxx.js, xxxxx.min.js in the dir command output when the post buildevent ios triggered, but dir does not show these files. These files are created in Content directory after the post build event is already executed

  • ca-ta


    Here are two approaches I am currently using: if all you need is to generate the .js files in different folder, you can modify WebSharperBundleOutputDir in your project:

    • If you want ot do more complex stuff, modify your project to perform those operations in a target that executes after WebSharperBundle, e.g.: ` </Target>
  • loic.denuziere

    Yes, @ca-ta is right, if you want to run a command after bundling then you should use AfterTargets="WebSharperBundle". I am tagging this issue as "documentation", because it needs to be better explained in the docs.

  • github

    Does "WebSharperBundle" still get called in 4.x / Zafir? I have some actions set to AfterTargets that don't seem to be triggered now I've ported over.

    Any pointers to documentation it it's now available on this would be great, thanks.

  • JankoA

    In 4.0-beta, CoreCompile does everything for F#, it replaces the call to fsc.exe to wsfsc.exe by setting FscToolPath/FscToolExe properties.

  • github

    Thanks @Jand42 I'm getting outputs again with this target.